Q3 Net Worth Update: $33,281 Increase

The third quarter of 2018 featured two predominant themes for the DINK Family: strong market performance and a LOT of tuition payments.

While we have made no more progress on #OperationCrushStudentDebt since the early spring, we did pay about $18,000 in tuition costs out of pocket, so at least we’re not taking steps backward. Specifically, we made the last tuition payment for my law school (finally!) and the first payment for Ms. DINK’s doctorate program (read why she went to Grad School). The first of many… ugh.

Yet thanks to continued contributions to our investment accounts and a strong market performance over the last few months our net worth climbed to $663,853, an increase of $33,281. This equals about $10,000/month increase, not bad!

September Expenses

Last month I began recording my monthly expenditures (tracked via Mint.com), so I thought it would be helpful to start sharing this information along with my net worth going forward. My biggest takeaway from this reflection exercise was learning that I did know exactly where my money was going (thanks to logging into Mint on a daily basis) but also that our “special” or “one-time” expenses really add up – especially my political campaign contributions.

Home: Normal spending here, including mortgage ($2,400), bi-weekly maid service ($141, twice), and condo association fees ($534).

F&B: We spend a lot of money on food and I’m OK with this. Some things are worth it. Only had one expensive night drinking with my hockey buddies ($100). We also spent $485 in groceries. The rest was eating out and drinking.

Shopping: I bought a used iPhone 8+ with AppleCare for $700 from a family member. Additionally, we bought some furniture for Ms. DINK’s work office (yes, they should be paying for this, but they won’t).

Gifts & Donations: $500 to a charity (Chron’s and Colitis Foundation), plus $250 political contribution.

Entertainment: Tickets to see the Minnesota Vikings play the New York Jets in NYC ($250 for tickets, driving, plus free hotel from rewards), casino gambling ($200), bowling ($60), NFL Sunday Ticket ($99), plus a few small other things.

Auto & Transport: Nothing out of the ordinary, $430 car payment, plus regular Ubers (we have one car) and gas. My metro expenses are currently zero, because I front loaded my expenses.

Travel: Flights to Vegas for me and Ms. DINK for our 10 year anniversary. Will write an article on this at a later date…

Bills & Utilities: Normal expenses here, including TV/Internet ($137), cell phones with Virgin Mobile ($112), electric ($95), and buying a new SIM-card for my new phone ($11).

Health & Fitness: Doctor visits (3 x $35 copay), gym ($70 – we really need to cancel this), amortizing eyewear expenses ($35), and one prescriptions ($16).

Pets: Pet insurance ($84), dog food ($52), vet fees ($31), and amortizing condo pet fee ($34).

Education: MPRE exam for law school ($95) and one book for Ms. DINK’s program ($11).

Personal Care: Hair cut ($42, went to a nice salon in a time crunch) and face wash ($23, Proactive).

Financial: Life insurance ($32 for $600,000 on Ms. DINK, 30-year term).

Misc.: Small spending including a few fees ($6) and a job searching tool ($5).


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