My Networth: An Overview

My first post. Well they say the first is always the hardest, so hopefully this is the start of a long adventure together.

I’m just going to dive right in it. It’s time to detail how my personal finances stack up against the competition rest of the world. Drumroll please…….

Networth: $348,894

Not too bad in my opinion for a 30 year old (and 28 year old spouse) who are both itching to retire. My main assets include:

  • Home Residence: Worth $390,000, but $284,000 mortgage
  • Rental Property #1: Worth $150,000, but $103,000 mortgage
  • While only have one rental property, but label it #1 to keep the mindset that this is the first of many investment properties we’ll buy over the years. Mental mindset is everything!
  • Second Home: Worth $190,000, but $104,000 mortgage
  • My dad lives in this home and we visit/stay in it several times per year
  • IRA/Roth/401k: $224,000 invested between these accounts
  • Student Loan Debt: -$107,000, mostly due to law school
  • Cash: $15,000
  • Lending Club: $1,000 (just for fun)

I’ll provide more details on each of these accounts in the future, but I thought I should post this first update right away, so I got over the barrier of procrastination.

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  1. I just came across your blog post and very intrigued!
    Do you have any information in how you accumulated your net worth before this post? Property, rental properties, and how you were able to save so much while attending law school?

    I think this will help a lot of aspiring early retirees, and can follow in your foot steps!

    I appreciate it.

    • Hi Jon! Thanks for the comment. I’ll definitely try to put together an article about my saving and investing in law school to extrapolate on this, but my main pillars of success were 1) Working! So much money that wouldn’t have made if I went to school full time; 2) Buying the rental property before law school, 3) refinancing into a 15 year home loan at 2.75% interest rate on our primary residence; 4) Maxing out my retirement accounts; 5) Being consistent.

      I’ll try to make this the focus of a long article. If I do, I’ll be sure to send it out to all my email subs, so please sign up!

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